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A painting after a long time. I painted this for a specific purpose and chose paisley patterns after lot of deliberation. I love the simplicity of these patterns and the ethnicity that they exude. To me, the shape of mango is what comes to mind when I see these patterns, which is how I was taught to draw a mango back in my good old school days.
Paisley Pattern
Paisley patterns - Work in Progress
I wanted bright colors and hence chose prussian blue for the back drop as I thought the yellow ochre I chose for the patterns would easily stand out. Yellow ochre is also something I loved from my earlier Buddha painting on canvas. Used water color on an A2 executive bond.

Paisley Motif
Paisley motif
For the uninitiated, "Paisley pattern is a droplet shaped vegetable motif of Persian or Indian origin. Resembling a twisted tear drop or a kidney, it derives its western name from the town of Paisley, in Central Scotland. In Tamil the design is known as Mankolam and has been long used in India. " (Source : Wikipedia) The strokes are visible at a closer look, but will hopefully disappear when we do what we eventually do with the painting.
Paisley Pattern Painting
Paisley Pattern Painting
We are trying to put this painting to good use and still brainstorming on how we can have it displayed. Meanwhile, we would love a little help  from you. Take this poll and let us know what you think we should do with this painting.


What does paisley remind you of ? Mangoes it is for me.

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