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Don’t we all love to personalize our living spaces with our signature tastes, and distinctive panache. Some may want to reproduce the prevalent schemes back home in their native (Like the Kerala or Chettinad style). Some may want the d├ęcor to be a reflection of their personality (Through colors that represent a certain persona). Some may even employ professional designers to do up their house to their liking. Everyone has their own means of customizing their house. We do it with our DIY and we draw inspiration from exclusive sources like Homify. So much so that we sometimes get asked, “Where did you buy that”, only to be told that we made it, or “Wow ! Did you make it”, only to be told it was bought from somewhere. Either way, it adds that personal touch to our humble abode.

It is time to up our ante and look at things beyond the small items that we have been building here. Time to look at what can get into our DIY checklist to help us add more functionality and glamour to our already DIYed home. And here’s what we came out with.

The best bunk bed in the world

The toddler now sleeps with us. But then when she transitions to having her own room, we want to gift her the best bunk bed in the world. And how? By building it ourselves. Even better, get her involved and have her choose what she wants for her own little world. 

KIDS TREEHOUSE BEDROOM BUNKBED in White : Industrial Wardrobes and drawers by Cuckooland
Pic Courtesy : Cuckooland / Homify

Big, bold and beautiful

We live in a small 2 bedroom home and every passing day is adding to our need to increase storage space. There are corners around the home that can accommodate additional storage. But hey ! We don’t want any wardrobe, we want our own handmade chest of drawers. Big, bold and beautiful.

Industrial Wardrobes; drawers by GRAINOD
Pic Courtesy : Grainod / Homify

Mini home office

Preethi works from home and I intend to exercise my WFH option on and off. And to be able to cut ourselves off from all the distractions, a dedicated home office space is something we long for, with a small modular work desk that can be folded against the wall when not in use. And yay ! We want to DIY it.

KEFIR HOME : Minimalist study/office by IK-architects
Pic Courtesy : IK-Architects / Homify

Sharp edges to rounded corners

And this one is just to satisfy my ego. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you would know about my love for making square / rectangular shaped lampshades. But then, one day I want to figure out how I can make a wooden frame for a drum shaped DIY lampshade. 

Swallow Lampshade in Purple : Industrial Wardrobes; drawers by Lomas
Pic Courtesy : Lomas & Lomas / Homify
These are mere inspirations that have translated into checklists. It is now up to us to find a way to upgrade our skills and tools to be able to execute them one by one. We have the need. We just want to find the time and the will to do it. Whether it turns out good or otherwise, it will remain personal and special which by now has become our signature style.  Now what do you think ? Doable ? Difficult ? Impossible ? Do share your inspiration story with us and let us know HOW YOU LIKE TO PERSONALIZE YOUR SPACE !

P.S. This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed however are my own

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