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My cousin Raji would always ask Preethi, “What would you need from Michaels?” or  “What would Somu need from Home Depot or Lowes?” and we never had an answer. We were doing our DIYs with available materials and resources that we didn’t stop to think what else we would need that can help with the quality quotient of our work.
And so, when she mailed that she has sent me few gifts through my BIL who was visiting Chennai, I was very excited. Not only was she thoughtful in her gesture, but she was also bang on target as to what I would have loved to own.

Woodworking projects for DIY
Woodworking projects
One of the gifts was “The Big Book of Weekend Woodworking” that has 150 easy to do projects. I always roam the internet looking for inspiration and this book had everything to keep me busy for many weekends together. All the projects are easy to do with clear illustrations to aid the hobbyist in me.

The projects are categorized into 12 different categories with kitchen projects, office projects, useful household projects, clocks and more being among them. The illustrations with drawings and patterns are a treat to my itching hands that are of late up to indulging in one project or the other.

I have read the book end-to-end couple of times in the last week itself. Now it is just a question of deciding what I want to make for myself and our home. The book is an inspiration galore and I am way too excited as I figure out the projects that I want to get going with immediately.

Tool Box DIY
DIY Tool box
Rail Planter you can make
A Rail Planter
Serving tray project
Serving Tray
Thanks Raji for the thoughtful gift. The book is a source of inspiration and your gesture a source of encouragement. This book got me thinking about why such knowledge resources are not locally available for an India based hobbyist. But then, I shall save that thought for another day.

Tell me what was your first gift that got you going with your passion. Leave me a comment.

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Picture credit : The pictures were taken from the "The big book of weekend woodworking" book
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