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Yeah. And I can vouch for that. Being able to customize is one of the biggest advantages of DIY. And being able to change from one décor scheme to another is easily facilitated by DIY. You would have seen the DIYed side table from one of our earlier posts. The traditional look was something in line with the décor makeover that we are working on. However, how interesting would it be if we could have a completely opposite design on the side table that we can keep going back to ! It was this thought that inspired the idea behind this rehab project.  The side table top is 12mm plywood plank and is merely placed on top of the table.

The underside of the plank, until yesterday was just an unfinished plywood surface. But today, it carries a swanky design on it. Bored of the traditional Kathakali painting ? I can overturn the plank to expose the newly painted top. And that means, I can keep moving between this and that whenever I want to. Cool, no ?
Side table painting
Side table makeover

The video is self-explanatory. And so I am not going to write much about this make over. All that it required was primer, acrylic paints and some masking tape. At the end of it all, we have a table can flip flop between two décor extremes – A table I so lovingly call the bi-polar side table.

Traditional to abstract
Do it yourself project

You all would have seen our mini home tour a while back. It has been six years since we moved in to this home. We decided to have a make-over. We started with our living room. Here is an update on our living room make over.

I have always been fascinated with traditional south Indian interiors with thatched roof, red oxide flooring, vibrant colors and antique wooden furniture. Be it the chettinad style or the traditional Kerala interiors, they have an old world charm to it. We wanted to bring some of its essence to our own place. It is still in progress… With a budget in mind we are slowly collecting stuff from different parts of South India that could be arranged to get the feel we want. We also have our baby now (yes, she has been keeping us busy.. reason why our posts here have been sporadic ) so we want to have the space kids friendly too.

To begin with, we parted with our old sofa and hunted for an antique teak wood sofa. We visited several antique stores in the city and finally found a model to our liking. We had our furniture maker (ACC Woods, ECR, Chennai) stick athangudi tiles to the back rest to give it a traditional chettinad look. We are also on the lookout for old restored furniture so that we limit the use of fresh wood.

Our home gets a lot of natural light which gives us a lot of room to play with colors. For now we stick to our favorite reds, yellows and orange.

We got some brass items- Saraswati sculpture from my aunt, picked up Nataraja from a handloom exhibition in Chennai, brass hanging Peacock Diya with bells and brass Ganesha door knocker for the main door online. They came with antique polish which will save up on my effort. We also have our grandmother’s brass items that will add to its charm and rich ness.

Other ‘can/must-haves’ we have in mind are:

  • A wooden chest or chest of drawers
  • A wooden trunk
  • A small wooden bench
  • Pillar (very ambitious, but would be wonderful to have a small partition in the hall with a wooden pillar :-D)
  • Wooden wall brackets to hang the diya and a panel for the wall
  • Oonjal..again ambitious given the space constraints
  • Our balcony is attached to the living room and at present does not have a nice seating area. I am thinking a mini thinnai made in concrete and redoxide for the balcony. 
As we are still planning the layout, it would be good to have a list of things charted out to get the final desired feel. Do you have any suggestions ? Leave me a comment.

- Preethi

A plain white lampshade is like an empty canvas. You make what you want to make out of it. I received this really nice table lamp as a wedding gift and have long been wanting to give it some color. If you have been reading our blog, you would by now know how much we love making our own DIY lampshades. And so, I wanted to do something about a lampshade that didn't have the Woodooz stamp.

Before the makeover

The shade was made of plain white cotton fabric and that made it much easier for me. I wanted this to be a really short and easy effort like the 15 minute lampshade DIY and so went with a very simple design.
Lampshade before the makeover
Lampshade - Before the makeover

After the Makeover

I used acrylic colors to fill the design and so, this is how it ended up looking. I am still undecided about the amount of white space in the shade. For now, I loved the simplicity of it and thought will add more designs and colors later.  I used all the primary colors just so it enables me to play around with the bedspread and the curtain colors in the future.

Lampshade - After the makeover
Lampshade Makeover DIY

Lampshade DIY
After the makeover
Let me know what you think ? Do you think I should have added more elements ? Please leave your comments and make my day. While you do that, I would also request you to join us on our Facebook page. Somu and I promise not to spam your wall.

~ Preethi

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- Somu

So, we were cleaning up stuff and were wondering what to do with the leftover fabric of the earlier floor lamp . It was just one long strip of cloth and so there wasn't much left to do anything big. We didn't want to throw it off either and so we decided to use whatever that was available to convert our wall lamp into something colorful. So, here's what we did - A quickfire, 15 minute DIY.

DIY lamp shade, wall lap using fabric
DIY - Fabric Wall Lamp / Lamp Shade
  1. The wall fitting we zeroed in was just perfect for our need. It was square and was made of glass
  2. We unscrewed the glass fitting from the wall, and decided to merely cover it with the fabric.
  3. We cut the fabric to the required dimension, stretched and glued it onto the sides
Use fabric to make a DIY wall lamp
Fabric Lamp Shade
This is how it looked after we put the fitting back into its place.  Another DIY right in the entrance and we so love it. :)

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- Somu

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