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When I wanted to professionally learn art to hone my skills, I turned to Mrs.Jebamani Elango who is our friend's mom and also the art teacher in Somu's school. Both uncle and aunty are amazing professional artists, and were kind enough to accommodate my request to help me with improving my skills.
Though it was oil painting (Check out Buddha on Canvas and an Aravind Kolapkar reproduction) that I wanted to particularly learn, they advised me to start with Oil Pastel to better understand the fundamentals. While all the paintings below are my own handiwork, the credit to the originals go to Mr. and Mrs. Elango (Wish I could link them here. But they are not on any social media) whose work I merely reproduced. 
Oil Pastels
Art book and oil pastels
The below scenery apparently is a place in Kodai. This was uncle's work and he gave it to me to start off my learning process. Lot of corrections were suggested and I learnt how to give depth to a painting.

Scenery using oil pastel
A serene place in Kodai captured in Oil Pastel
I followed it up with another scenery of the woods. I learnt more about giving depth to a painting. Again this is a view of one of the many beautiful places in Kodai.

Woods - Oil Pastel
Woods - Oil Pastel

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