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  • Do you prefer a designated space for your phone ?
  • Do you find it hard to hold your phone while watching a video on Youtube ?
  • Do you place the phone face up on the table and barely hear your alarm because the speaker is in the rear ?
  • Like me, do you get into the habit of looking for your phone under the couch, under the pillow, or in the balcony, because you don't know where you kept it ?
Here's an easy to do Smartphone holder that you can build yourself to keep your phone safely in one place. Remember the over-sized mobile phone charger holder that didn't need any nailing down ? This time I wanted to make a right-sized holder for my smartphone.

Smartphone Holder DIY
DIY Smartphone Holder / Stand
This is a simple DIY that uses wooden sticks. Scroll below to find out how you can make a smartphone holder.

Smartphone stand
Make your own smartphone holder

Materials Required - Picture 1

    • I used 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch sticks (The same sticks that I used for this bedside lampshade base)
    • Used wooden board (4mm) for the supporting rear (You can also use thick card or cork board)

Cut and glue the sticks together - Picture 2

    • Cut the sticks to your required dimensions. The dimensions should be such that it should be able to hold the phone vertically and horizontally
    • Glue them together. Notice how stick 2 is in line with sticks 1, while the base (stick 3) that will hold your phone is glued on top of the side sticks ?
Smartphone holder - DIY
Smartphone holder - Do it yourself

Make the triangular rear support - Picture 3

    • Cut a triangle out of the card board and stick on the inner sides of sticks 1 
    • This board will support the holder while it is leaning backwards. The backward lean is required to prevent the phone from slipping off.
    • The angle of the backward lean is decided by the angle between the two inner sides of the triangle. 

Make sure your speaker is not hidden - Picture 4

    • Make sure the dimensions of the sticks are such that they do not hide the speaker when the phone is placed on the holder. 
    • So, here it is, a smartphone holder for less than Rs.10. Yeah, really. Less than Rs.10
    • Paint, stain or do whatever you want to give your holder color.
You can also additionally use it as photo holder, or greeting card holder. Works out to be a neat alternative to DIY photo frames.
DIY Photo Stand
Photo stand DIY - Place your photos on the base :)
So, how did you like this simple DIY? Where do you place your Smartphones? Much like me, are you just as careless and never bother about how you handle your phones ? Leave a comment.
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