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Wood joinery is an important aspect of Woodworking as it is critical to how strong and durable your project will be. Joinery involves putting two pieces of wood together. While there are many joinery techniques available, for a hobbyist who is beginning to learn the nuances of carpentry, butt joint will be the easiest and safest bet.  Two reasons why I say this :
  • No additional skill is required to join wood using this technique
  • No special tool is required
While appropriate joining methods need to be adhered to when making complex furniture at a professional level, butt joint would suffice for your everyday small DIY projects. 
Wood joinery
Butt Joints - Ideal for the beginner carpenter
When two pieces of wood are merely joined or butted together at right angles to each other, it is called a butt joint.  Since it involves fixing two surfaces using adhesive as the only joining medium, the strength of the joint is solely dependent on the glue potency, and hence is naturally weak. 

There are many ways to strengthen the joint and complement the effect of the glue. I use screws (which run deep into the surfaces that are being joined) to provide additional reinforcement for all my butt-jointed  projects. Whether it is the center table, or a clock frame or a lampshade frame, it is butt joints that I have used all the way.
Wood joining technique
Butt joints in my DIY projects
As you grow comfortable with butt joints, it is important to experiment with complex ones that are appropriate for the project that you are working on. Needless to say, butt joints are simple and hence ideal for anyone who is starting to pick up interest in carpentry.

Besides butt joint, I have also used mitre joint in one of my DIY projects. Can you guess which one ? Meanwhile, do leave your comment and let me know your thoughts on this post.
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