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So, are we going to do the next Serving Tray workshop ? Yeah we are and I will put up the details. Meanwhile, I wanted to share some details about the first workshop that we recently announced and conducted on the 24th of Jan, 2016. I am still kicking myself for not having someone capture photos and videos of the session. All I could manage was some poorly captured photos in between the workshop.

Here’s what we did at the workshop.

Each participant was given a DIY hand tool kit to take back home. The kit had hand tools for cutting, screw drivers, few other basic items  and an instructional manual to help them retain what they learn in the workshop.

The were also provided with the materials required for making the project. The material was cut just enough for the participants to experience the process without having to spend much time. They were also giving additional tools and safety goggles for using during the workshop.

The session started with introductions and we went on straight into cutting the plywood plank. Somewhere in between we also took a breather to have a demo on few power tools. One of the participants also volunteered to try her hands at the tool. For me it was an enriching experience meeting up with like minded folks. This was also my first workshop and so it gave me lot of ammunition to make things better the next time.

The biggest plus for me was to catch up with people which I have never done in the 6 years of my Woodooz journey. And that really gave me the kicks. Some felt that they would like it if there was a morning and an afternoon session. Few recommended topics like center tables, doors, finishing to be covered in future workshops.

I am already planning to have the second workshop. Just working on the logistics. Watch out this space for the announcement soon.

This has been going on for quite a while now. I get at least about two mails a week about the next workshop. And all that time, I get back with the routine, “I don’t do workshops”. But then I wanted 2016 to be new and refreshing for me. I want to experiment and try newer things as far as Woodooz goes. One of the challenges I wanted to take up was to get out of my comfort zone. And what better way than to go beyond the virtual world and meet up with some real people that I can connect with and discuss a common interest. There is always time for things to get kick started and I guess it was just about time for me to do a workshop. So here goes. Announcing my first ever beginner level hobby woodworking workshop. If you are interested, please check the workshop details below this video and register for the workshop.

Please note that I am taking in limited attendees for the first workshop. However, based on the response, I would be organizing more of the workshops in the next few weekends after 24th. Make sure you register as it would be completely based on first come first basis. You can mail me or call me for any further clarification you will need.

P.S. Currently we are not doing the workshop. We may not have it until August 2017. 

About the workshop and registration form

Yeah ! An afternoon well spent making my own DIY Wall Clock. Before I even say anything, I have to mention that the use of the DIY Square is completely free. You can walk in and have a hands-on tools experience with absolutely no sales pressure.

So, what is this DIY Square ? It is an activity center in Bangalore that allows hobbyists to work with power tools and experience the joy of hobby / DIY woodworking. It is an attempt by Bosch to reach out to interested DIYers by providing them with an environment to give wings to their creativity. It also houses a range of power tools and working materials that you can procure.

DIY Square Bangalore
Bosch Brand Store and DIY Square - A place to unwind DIYing
What turned out to be the highlight of my visit was the amount of fun that I had. I was like a kid in a candy store. While I was a little hesitant initially, Mr.Bhaskar at the Square gave me quite the needed push to try the Jigsaw and the power sanders. He along with Eesha ensured they took me through a DIY project in quick fire time. I was using these tools for the first time and I ended up having the confidence to believe I can use them with all ease. 

Interacting with Mr.Bhaskar
Mr. Bhaskar taking us through the tools
I was told that one can walk in to the square to execute his / her own ideas.  Picture wanting to build a small stool or a table or a shelf and also having someone to hand-hold you while you give life to your imagination! It is lovely place for anyone who has been contemplating DIY Woodworking for a long time, and didn’t know how to go about it.

First hand experience of using power tools
Trying to make my own clock and using the Jig Saw
To anyone who asks me how to get into DIY woodworking, I tell them to take a plunge. However, a visit to the DIY Square can be an intermediate step that can make your plunge seamless. You can get your queries clarified from an expert. You can get an idea on the kind of tools you may need. You can even feel, and use the tools (with expert supervision as needed) with no pressure of buying anything. Walk out making your own piece of art and show it off with friends and family.

Wooden Wall Clock
With my Wall Clock - Thanks Eesha and Bhaskar
Even better. You can visit the Square as a group. With friends. And with your family. Quite an appealing proposition right?  Which is why I need one in Chennai too.

Tools on display
Some tools on display on the activity table
It was a fruitful afternoon and a very humbling experience for me. I thought I can tame these tools at the first go. But then I realized practice and more of it is what will lead to mastering the use of any tool. I left with a sense of excitement. Maybe, it is the right kind of propulsion I needed. More projects have been there in mind. And now there is enough motivation to pursue them.

DIY Square
Kayvee Associates
Opp to Bosch Banerghatta Road,
Tel – 080 – 22109036 /65679561
Mon-Sun 10am-6pm DIY Square
Bosch Brand Store & DIY Square
62/2 Sarjapur Road Opposite Salarpuria Sanctity
Bangalore 560035
Tel – 080 – 42177732, Mob: 9886082223
Mon-Sun 11am-8pm
Disclaimer : My visit to DIY Square was sponsored by the event organizers. However, I was not asked or influenced in anyway to write this post. My opinion here is voluntarily written and is completely mine.

Update : Join our DIY Woodworking group in Facebook. Discuss. Share. Take help. Raise queries. Some interesting discussions are happening at this very moment. JOIN NOW.

Ever since I started working on basic woodworking as a hobby, I have been on the lookout for workshops / classes that I can attend. It makes it easier to understand concepts from industry experts who are willing to part with their knowledge, than struggling to get answers from non-receptive carpenters or hardware store vendors. 

In Chennai, unfortunately, I was not able to find any such workshops. But Bangalore folks seem to be the lucky lot. I reached out to Hamsavardhan to know more about his woodworking workshop. Here’s what he had to say:
Carpentry class in India
Woodworking Workshop - Bangalore
Photo Courtesy : Esthete
1. Where is the workshop held ?
Workshop is held at Esthete studio, Tavarekere Road, Near Prestige St. John's Wood Apartments (1km from Forum Mall Koramangala).
2. What is the workshop all about ?
The agenda is to create awareness about wood and working with wood, carpentry, information on various types of wood and wood based products, such as plywood, MDF etc. The workshop will also cover basic tools and joinery techniques. It is an introductory lecture-demo on the science, craft and technology of wood and woodworking, carpentry and furniture making.
3. Who is the workshop for ?
It is a very informative and interactive session for anyone interested in understanding wood products, carpentry and furniture making.
4. How much does the workshop cost ?
This is a free class and is open to all.
5. Do the attendees have to bring anything along with them ?
A notebook to jot down points. Otherwise nothing.
6. When is the workshop normally held ?
The workshop is held on last Sundays of all months. You can “LIKE”  the Esthete Facebook page to get information on all upcoming events.
7. Contact information for any further details ?
Feel free to reach out to Hamsa Vardhan at +91 99020 59328.
The next workshop is on the 27th of Jan, 2013 between 1000 hrs and 1300 hrs. I hope Bangaloreans interested in understanding the nuances of woodworking would make good use of the opportunity. I am thinking of planning my next Bangalore trip with the workshop in mind.

Hope you found this post useful. I shall most certainly track other workshops around the country and provide details here for all to benefit from. Do leave a comment and let me know your opinion on this post.

- Somu

About Esthete and Hamsavardhan
Esthete is a design based company, specializing in Turnkey Interior Design and Execution, Complete Interior Decoration, Designing and Manufacturing of Customized furniture and accessories, Developing new and exciting designs in various materials, especially wood and suggesting space saving ideas for clients.

Hamsavardhan is Esthete’s Founder and Principal Designer. He started his design career as a furniture and interior designer specializing in children’s rooms, along with his partner, Mubina Vazirali, in the early 90’s. Their first clients were C.Krishniah Chetty Jewllers. Later he worked with Architect Omar Nisar as an architectural assistant. Know more about him in his official website.

This is not a sponsored post. This blog post was written purely for bringing useful information / content to the readers of this blog. Also note that I have not attended this workshop and hence cannot provide any feedback at this point on the workshop itself.

The woodworking workshop class in my 1st year engineering always spelt boredom. Back then, I was taught to use the planer to smoothen the surface of the wood. I had to work with saw, hammer and chisel to make dovetail joints (exactly like the one you see in the image). There was also foundry as part of the class where I had to file metal and make joints.

In hindsight, I wish I had made the most use of it. But in reality, I never really enjoyed my workshop class and always looked at means to avoid it.

I take immense pleasure in doing the same things now. But what was so different and difficult back then?
A dovetail joint
Dovetail Joint
Img courtesy :

What made it uninteresting for me?

First and foremost, I had to make dove tail joints without getting an opportunity to see those dovetails on a finished product. In a sense, I did not understand the rationale behind a joint. I understood planing wood resulted in a smooth surface, but never realized the consequences of the otherwise.

I did not build a cabinet or a table and in the process learn the technicalities. Maybe then, I might have understood its use better. On the contrary, a dovetail joint is all that I had to make.

It was like learning alphabets, and not using them to construct sensible sentences or like learning recursive loops, and not using them to write practical programs.

Just a funny cartoon
Looks like the same logic works for complex math too
img courtesy : loldaddy

What would have otherwise made it interesting for me?

Personally, planing wood or making joints is still so boring that I would rather not indulge in it. But what makes it interesting and necessary is the associated outcome. I need to really look at a stained finish with and without sanding for me to appreciate the need for sanding.  And it takes a wobbly cabinet to make me understand the value of a joint in the overall process of woodworking.

Rather than gaining perspectives on just the techniques, learning to make a functional product and in the process understanding the underlying principles makes learning woodworking more enjoyable for me.

I have never been bothered by the intricacies of a product. It is always about durability and good looks and it does not largely matter how one has implemented it (at least until sometime ago). Which is why to me, making a handy piece of furniture end to end, and then to work backwards to learn the specifics that went into building it, would have made more sense

Your opinion matters

What is your opinion? Have you ever had to make batter in your home economics class, but never got the chance to bake a cake? How does that feel? J Leave me a comment.

- Somu

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